We offer landscaping , maintenance and design services

Do you want to divide your garden are from your lawn, have constant issues with bark and stones falling onto paths and outdoor areas, or just would like to make your outdoor areas more modern contact us today.

Repairing and replacing, including retaining walls, erosion prevention and defining a border line between

 your garden and lawn/path/outdoor areas/etc.

Including but not limited to:         

                    – Rustic                                           

                    – Paving                                          

                    – Decking                                        

                                                                 – Edging or retaining Blocks                                                     

 – Rock                           


we provide quality work, we will provide you with expert,  professional advise with a consultancy to assure that the edging chosen will suite your house and outdoor garden area. 

Contact Nigel today on the phone number provided bellow for your no obligation free consultancy and free quote.

We look forward to hearing from you.