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Do you live in an area where water is limited and water is costing you a fortune?

Are you fed up with having to mow the lawns or pay someone to do them for you?

Are you getting older and don’t have the ability to maintain your lawns like you used to?

Do you travel for work and lack the energy to mow your lawns when you return home? Or just want to spend the time you have with your family and friends?

If these struggles sound familiar, then look no further as artificial turf is the solution for you!

Artificial turf requires no watering, no mowing and no maintenance. You can have green lawns all year round and the new designs look and feel like real turf (wait until you experience the texture for yourself!)

At Everyday Gardening Professionals, we are proud to offer expertly installed and high quality Artificial turf solutions for our clients.

Contact Nigel today on the contact details below for your no-obligation free consultation and quote. We can arrange to visit the area and advise on the best options for your space.

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